Monday, April 11, 2011


Elizabeth Taylor

It's impossible to do a project on Golden Age Hollywood film stars and not include Elizabeth Taylor, however I had actually planned on not drawing her at all... The reason being that, during my time working on this project I made the decision that I should include actors from the time who were still alive- then two of the ones who fell into this category passed away shortly after me drawing them. I know it sounds bizarre but I chose not to draw Elizabeth Taylor because I knew she was ill and I felt it wasn't right to do so.
Unfortunately, a couple of weeks ago I heard that she had in fact died- so I felt it was only right that she should be included in my show.
I'll leave you with a fitting quote from the legend herself:

"Most women, when they are depressed or unhappy, go out and buy a new hat.
I used to go out and buy up Dior."

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  1. Love this one Catriona. I think it is definately in my top 5 favourites.