Friday, June 8, 2012


I have been away for a long time due to technical difficulties and managing to get signed out of my blog. But I am back! I've set up an Esty Shop with some pieces from my Degree Show:

Sunday, October 23, 2011


nostalgia: a sentimental longing or wistful affection for a period in the past

I think it's fair to say i'm guilty of this wistful affection for the past. I find inspiration in family photographs, mainly those taken before my lifetime. Of course a photograph represents just one moment in time, an idealised image of life- but I feel somehow closer to those family members portrayed, even if they are no longer around. Our own memories aren't picture perfect, there are always gaps and blurring between events- to me it is the combination of the photographs in our family album and the snippets of memories that create nostalgia..a longing for times past.

In 3rd year at Uni, I did a project where I manipulated some of these old photographs and layered them together. Sometimes I used several generations of my family in one piece, each image blurring and combining to create something new. I plan on working with these images further, maybe using collage and paint to represent the layers. 

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Every so often I get the urge to draw again, but i'm finding it difficult to get any ideas. So, I decided to raid my sketchbooks and "inspiration" stash of images for some small things to work on. The first is drawn from one of many small photo postcards I acquired and have been wanting to do something with for years.

In contrast to the sombre black and white portrait, I found a lovely picture of my Auntie as a child. For some reason I chose a smaller scale for this as well (roughly A5). I think maybe working smaller is less daunting when you've had a creative block for awhile. 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Beats

I decided after the Degree Show finished (a whole 4 months ago now) that I needed some new projects to work on. So I've been working on a portrait as a present for some family friends- The Beat family. It's A3, which is fairly small by my standards but the larger versions I attempted just didn't look right. This is the first time i've done a portrait with so many people in it, which was quite a challenge. Hopefully I managed to get everyone's likeness. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My favourite particle physicist

OK, so he's actually the only particle physicist I know- Professor Brian Cox. I have been in awe of this man for a good few years now, ever since I first saw him on TV talking about science. If you know me, you'll know that science is (sadly) not one of my strong subjects but I think that Brian's enthusiasm on the subject is enough to teach anyone the basics at least. Prof.Cox- I salute you.

I'm not sure about the background on this one- I just went a bit crazy with pattern and colour to see what would happen. I used coloured pencils for the initial portrait and then introduced my old favourite- the permanent marker. The halo-esque shape just proves that old habits are hard to break. I do quite like the idea of depicting Brian Cox as a modern day icon.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Busy week

I've been back in Edinburgh again this week (it may be becoming a habit). The above photo was taken last year when it was sunny and warm on our visit to the Fringe festival. Unfortunately, yesterday it was raining heavily all day long, so no photographic evidence from the visit- although my camera is still playing up a bit anyway so it may not have let me take any.

I took my friend and boyfriend in to Caravan to see the exhibition. The team have uploaded photos online from the opening night so I thought i'd include a couple (courtesy of the lovely Abi I believe):
Me with my work installed in the gallery 

Opening night= balloons and good times

After our gallery visit we headed to Pleasance Courtyard to see Isy Suttie's fringe show.  Isy was amazing and her mixture of comedy, storytelling and singing was enough to brighten our day despite the rain- I would highly recommend going if you're in Edinburgh this month.

Our final stop was the show that my boyfriend, Sean is starring in.
The Michael Farcical show is part of the free festival line-up this year and has been really well received.  It finishes on Saturday- so get there while you still can. Sean and his fellow farcical-ists all did really well (I would never be able to get up on stage and do a show to a room of strangers!).

There may also be an artwork related update soon!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Caravan Exhibition

Last night was the opening of the first ever Caravan  exhibition. It was great to see all the other work and meet the artists who made it. Also a big thank you has to go to the brains of the operation; Abi, Ian and Julz and their friends/families, who made it all happen.  Unfortunately I didn't take any photos because my camera is broken (sad face), but there were lots taken so hopefully they will appear over on the Caravan blog soon.
If you're in Edinburgh over the next two weeks, pop in to see the exhibition at 28 Lady Lawson Street.