Saturday, July 23, 2011

A productive day in Edinburgh

Yesterday I went through to Edinburgh to drop off some pieces of work for the upcoming Caravan exhibition. I met some of the lovely team, who were very happy and enthusiastic about my work. The exhibition opening is most likely at the beginning of August as there have been a few setbacks with getting the actual Caravan up and running on time. I will update as soon as dates are confirmed.

After dropping off my work, I tagged along with a couple of friends as they viewed flats in Leith. They are hoping to move to Edinburgh in September. Although it seems like everyone is leaving Dundee, the good thing is I have friends in most of the other major cities now to visit.

Although I seem to have been experiencing the post-Degree Show creative slump, I have some new ideas milling around in my head at the moment to move my work forward. Here's some snippets of what i've been looking at. The religious ideas and the aspect of icon worship that appeared in my Degree Show work will remain- but I am branching out in new directions. I also want to explore how death is viewed in different cultures and religions, starting with Mexico's traditional 'Day of the Dead' festival. I love the idea that they celebrate the lives of their loved ones who've passed on and invite their souls back to join in on the party...

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Day of the Dead

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