Saturday, October 22, 2011


Every so often I get the urge to draw again, but i'm finding it difficult to get any ideas. So, I decided to raid my sketchbooks and "inspiration" stash of images for some small things to work on. The first is drawn from one of many small photo postcards I acquired and have been wanting to do something with for years.

In contrast to the sombre black and white portrait, I found a lovely picture of my Auntie as a child. For some reason I chose a smaller scale for this as well (roughly A5). I think maybe working smaller is less daunting when you've had a creative block for awhile. 


  1. Hi Catriona,

    WOW Catriona, I love all your work and seeing this portrait of me as a child is amazing. I did look so cute then didn't I!!

    Michelle XX

  2. I love the portrait of Michelle as a little girl. It is so like her, it's amazing!!
    Mum xx

  3. Thanks Michelle, glad you're on the blogging scene now- it's nice to see what you've been making. You did look angelic! I have a few photos I used for a project at uni a couple of years ago with you both in Trinidad (wearing matching outfits!) so i'm going to go back and do more with them. Don't worry mum, I will bring all the photos back soon, they're all scanned in. xx