Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Degree Show

I have finally uploaded my photos from the Degree Show after a week long break.

Here's the exciting part- my name! I got vinyl lettering printed to put up in my space and once that was up, it all felt so official. 

I took lots of photos of my longest wall of pieces (30 in total), although it was difficult to capture the whole line:

My other framed pieces were next to the door of the studio, and they attracted a lot of attention when visitors came in:

Unfortunately I didn't manage to get a photo without some glare from the high windows in our space, but you get the idea. In addition to the Hollywood film stars, there are three religious pieces in this set. 

The part of my show that seemed to attract the most interest was my installation, this combined the Hollywood pieces with religious ones, overlapping in an attempt to blur the boundaries between the two. Because all of my works are on parchment paper, the transparency lent itself well to layering. Another reason for pinning these pieces up was to allow people to see how the work was created. I was asked many times during the show what material i'd used for my pieces and when I explained that it was permanent marker on parchment paper, it helped to show the layered wall to make this a bit clearer. This was the piece that was photographed for the Courier:

Here's a shot from my invigilating corner, to give you an idea of the space as a whole. To the left of my 'nine block' you can see three of Lisa's pieces (I shared the studio space with Lisa and Lauren).

Here's the lovely flowers I was given at the show opening night, the left hand ones are from my boyfriend, Sean and the ones on the right are from my parents:

I didn't take any photos on the opening night because it got so busy, but my mum brought her camera and took some. Here we are, my mum, me and my cousin:

Hope you enjoyed my round-up of the show. A lot of lovely people came to see it and it was overall a good week (if a bit tiring!). 
Here's to the start of everything to come.

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